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Technology Marketing

Technology Marketing is an elective course that I created in 1996 and have continued to teach since then.  The course aims to provide students with an end-to-end view of strategic marketing processes that technology companies use to conceive, design, and market their products and services.

The course is organized around 7 key marketing processes:

1 / Discovering Value – Market Opportunity Analysis and Customer Insight Generation

2 / Defining Value – Customer Segmentation and Value Proposition Design

3 / Realizing Value – Developing and Managing New Offerings

4 / Delivering Value – Managing Channels, Partner Ecosystems and Solutions

5 / Capturing Value – Designing Value-Based Pricing and Innovative Business Models

6 / Communicating Value – Managing Integrated Marketing Communications, Branding and Positioning

7 / Sustaining Value – Managing the Customer Experience and Driving Growth through Innovation

Product Management for Technology Companies

Two defining characteristics of the technology industry are its dynamic nature and the inter-connected nature of technology products and services. This results in a continuous need for new products—and for managing all of the aspects of discovering, designing, developing, supporting and making money from these products. In technology companies, the Product Management organization is responsible for the “inbound” product development activities as well as “outbound” product marketing activities: discovering customer needs, defining product requirements, orchestrating the development of products and solutions to address these needs, taking new products to market and managing products as a business. In a technology startup, a Product Manager is often a co-founder of the firm. In mid-sized and large technology firms, the best Product Managers are intrapreneurs responsible for product innovation and managing one or more products as a business.

This course equips students with the frameworks, tools and direct experience to become effective technology product managers (whether as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs). Students will gain hands-on experience via an industry-sponsored project and targeted cases—including several cases developed specifically for this course. The overall goal of the course is to prepare students to become effective product managers and product marketers in a startup firm or in a larger technology company by developing:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the role of Product Management in a technology company and the responsibilities of the product manager in various contexts, considering product characteristics, industry, firm size and market maturity.
  • A firm grasp of the strategic frameworks and tactical tools (deliverables) that form the foundational skills for product management.
  • The ability to apply these product management skills in business situations.

This is an abbreviated version of the Product Management MBA course.

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