Fewer Bigger Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth

by Sanjay Khosla & Mohanbir Sawhney

The answer lies in Fewer, Bigger, Bolder, a market-proven, step-by-step program to achieve sustained growth with rising profits and lower costs. The authors prove that given the right incentives, managers using this program can produce astonishing results in amazingly short time frames.

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Love, Longing & Loneliness

by Mohan Sawhney

A collection of poems collected over thirty years that express my personal feelings about the ecstacy of love and the pain of separation; the joy of togetherness and the sadness of separation; highs of inspiration and lows of depression. A very personal journey through life and love.

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The Global Brain: Your Roadmap for Innovating Faster and Smarter in a Networked World

by Satish Nambisan & Mohanbir Sawhney

All the talk about “open innovation” and externally-focused innovation assumes that “one size fits all” in terms of what network-centric innovation is and how companies should harness external creativity. But the reality is that there is no one right way to master this tool.

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TechVenture: New Rules on Value and Profit from Silicon Valley

by Mohan Sawhney (Author), Ranjay Gulati (Author), Anthony Paoni (Author), The Kellogg TechVenture Team (Author)

Drawn from the popular TechVenture program at the Kellogg School of Management, this book provides a deep understanding of the key finance and business trends in e-commerce.

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The Seven Steps to Nirvana: Strategic Insights into eBusiness Transformation

by Mohan Sawhney (Author), Jeff Zabin (Author)

Today’s most successful companies never sit still. Even as they introduce their newest e-business initiatives, their next generation of improvements is already near completion. Traditional organizations¿especially larger, low-tech businesses¿must reinvent themselves if they are to hold their positions against these new business competitors.

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PhotoWars Strategy Simulation Digistrat

by Mohan Sawhney

For undergraduate/graduate-level courses in Strategic Marketing and Marketing Management. Photo Wars is a multi-dimensional computer simulation program that immerses students as marketing strategists in the rich and complex consumer imagining arena (including video and still imaging)-an area that is undergoing a transition to digital technology, with many new players from the computer industry vying for a piece of the action.

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Kellogg on Technology and Innovation

by Ranjay Gulati (Editor), Mohanbir Sawhney (Editor), Anthony Paoni (Editor)

The future of business technology
This book examines the exciting new technologies that will soon be entering the workplace. The experts from the Kellogg School of Management offer a uniquely business-oriented approach and perspective on the subject.

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The 12 Different Ways for Companies to Innovate

by Mohanbir Sawhney (Author), Robert C. Wolcott (Author), Inigo Arroniz (Author)

Faced with the prospects of slow growth, commoditization and global competition, companies like General Electric Co., Microsoft Corp. and Ford Motor Co. have now emphasized innovation as critical to their future success. But what exactly is innovation? Although the subject has risen to the top of the CEO agenda, many companies have a mistakenly narrow view of it.

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Collaborating with Customers to Innovate: Conceiving and Marketing Products in the Networking Age

by Emanuela Prandelli (Author), Mohanbir Sawhney (Author), Gianmario Verona (Author)

Collaborating with Customers to Innovate explores the collaborative potential offered by customers in digital environments to enhance the effectiveness of new product development. The internet has created the problem of an increasing need for innovation in a context where information is transparent, competitors are just one click away, and product lifecycles are shrinking.

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The Network Challenge (Chapter 9): Network-Centric Innovation: Four Strategies for Tapping the Global Brain

by Satish Nambisan (Author), Mohanbir Sawhney (Author)

Most companies realize the need to “look outside” for innovation. However, few have a clear understanding about how they can make such a shift toward network-centric innovation–an innovation strategy that is centered on external networks and communities. Managers need more than anecdotal success stories about externally focused innovation, and they need more specific guidance than the “one size fits all” prescriptions of open innovation.

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Das Unternehmen der Zukunft. Das 7- Schritte- Programm aus der Kellogg School of Management.

by Mohanbir Sawhney (Author), Jeff Zabin (Author)

Description unavailable at this time.

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Cerebro Global: Como Inovar Em Um Mundo Conectado (Em Portugues do Brasil) (Portuguese Brazilian)

by Satish Nambisan / Mohanbir Sawhney (Author)

As inovacoes nas empresas podem ser geradas tanto interna como externamente. E o que acontece quando estabelecemos uma ponte entre os profissionais de uma organizacao e seus parceiros (pessoas e suas companhias clientes, fornecedores etc), possibilitando o compartilhamento de ideias, conhecimentos e experiencias?

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